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The Commission for Interreligious Dialogue & Ecumenism (CIRDE) Malindi is a commission within the Catholic Diocese of Malindi (CDoM) established to promote understanding, cooperation, and harmony among different religious groups and denominations.

Vision: To create a community where people of different religious traditions come together in a spirit of harmony, dialogue, and shared values.

CIRDE Malindi envisions a society where individuals from diverse faiths work together to address common challenges, promote social justice, and contribute to the community’s well-being.

Mission: Promoting interfaith dialogue and ecumenical engagement to build bridges of understanding and peace among people of different religious backgrounds.

The commission seeks to encourage mutual respect, tolerance, and cooperation among various religious communities in the region.

Rt. Rev. Willybard Lagho (2nd from left), the Chair of CIRDE and the Bishop of Malindi and Rev. Fr. Constantine Kimondo (2nd from right), CIRDE Malindi, with Kaya religious leaders ©CIRDE Malindi


Mandate of the Commission

Mr. Richard Mutinda of the CIRDE Malindi team promoting Interfaith Dialogue ©CIRDE Malindi
  • Promoting Interfaith Dialogue: The commission seeks to create opportunities for open discussions and exchanges to foster mutual understanding and respect.
  • Encourage Interreligious Relationships: The commission works to build positive relationships between different religious communities, striving to reduce tensions and conflicts and promoting cooperation and collaboration on common social and humanitarian issues.
  • Enhancing Ecumenism: The commission will focus on initiatives and efforts promoting unity and cooperation among Christian denominations.
  • Education and Awareness: CIRDE will organise events, seminars, workshops, and educational programs to raise awareness about the beliefs and practices of different faiths, as well as the importance of interfaith and ecumenical cooperation.
  • Foster Religious Freedom: Ensuring the freedom to practice one’s religion is protected and respected within the region and the community.
  • Building Community and Solidarity: The commission aims to build a sense of community and solidarity among people of different faiths, focusing on shared values and common goals.

    Building Community and Solidarity as one of the commission’s mandates ©CIRDE Malindi
  • Collaboration with Religious Leaders and Strategic Partners: CIRDE will collaborate with religious leaders from various faith traditions and other strategic partners to promote People through engagement study and dialogue of indigenous beliefs and cultural practices.